Building Your Empire: Essential Steps For Beginners On OnlyFans

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OnlyFans is one of the social media platforms for creators where they can monetize the content posted by offering free access to subscribers. Content creators can now upload non-adult posts compared to adult entertainment content like videos, photos, or even live streams we get in OnlyFans. 

Nowadays, many creators hire an agency to manage their OnlyFans accounts. Pegasusfame is a famous agency hired by content creators for OnlyFans management. They are professionals who help creators manage media, pay-per-view, content, upsells, monthly reports, chatting, and more. Using the latest marketing strategies, they help the creator’s OnlyFan page reach the top, which helps create good revenues.


How OnlyFans Work For Beginners?

Onlyfans helps creators by offering them an online space to create high-quality exclusive content not available anywhere else. The creators can set up a free account or even paid access. 

Users pay a fee to access the creator’s paid account, subscribe to the creator’s profile, and access the unique content. The subscription fee ranges from a few dollars to hundreds per month and is set by the creator.

OnlyFans allows creators to keep their data secured behind a paywall, and users must pay subscription fees to access it. After paying the fees, the subscribers can access videos, photos, live streams, and other available data.

For pay-per-view (PPV) messages, creators charge an additional fee for replying to private messages. The contents accessed by PPV offer a more profound and personal connection for the user and the creator.

The OnlyFans platform only takes a fixed commission. The money creators earn on this platform goes directly to the creators.

The OnlyFans platform charges a 20% commission from the creators on the total earnings generated on the OnlyFans page. The creators keep the balance of 80% of earnings.


Sign-Up Requirements For OnlyFans

Before signing up on the OnlyFans as a content creator, the following requirements have to be fulfilled,

Age Of Content Creator

The age of the creator should be 18 years. Only then can they create an account on OnlyFans. The creator should provide a government-issued valid ID showing the date of birth.

Personal Information Of Creator

The creators should provide personal information like their full name, date of birth, home address, and Bank Account details must be provided.

Card Details

The content creators get paid by OnlyFans through a deposit in the bank account or a payment card. To receive payments from OnlyFans, bank account details or payment card details must be provided. 

Contents Posted

Even though few creators post non-adult content, OnlyFans is mainly known to be a platform for adult-oriented niches. Therefore creating and sharing that syncs with the terms and conditions of OnlyFans helps generate more revenue.


Steps For Beginners 

Having an existing social media presence and a social following helps when starting an OnlyFans account, but it is not mandatory. Many creators have started from scratch and have made it big. Here are a few steps for beginners,

Picking A Niche

Picking up a niche before opening an account is one of the best ways to start, as it helps get an idea. A few trendy niches on the adult platform include bull, amateur, girl next door, and others.

Apart from the clothing worn in the videos posted, a niche determines how apparent the contents are, as it influences the creator’s point of view and conducts toward the audiences watching the content. It is always advisable to pick up a niche before starting on OnlyFans.

Posting Schedule

During the starting weeks posting by creators will take more time than usual that is needed. Therefore, think about posting a content schedule that must be uploaded to the site. Schedule how often the content has to be posted and when the content will be ready. 

Posting at least one piece of content daily on the platform is recommended until many followers subscribe. Since it is a time-consuming project, it is always advisable to dedicate a day or two a week to shooting alone.

Creating Account

An account must be created to share the content on the OnlyFans page. The signing-up process is free and could be quickly finished.

Browse the website and click on the “Sign-up” button. Then provide details of email address, password, and other personal information. Signing up can also be done with Twitter or even a Google account.

Setting Up Profile

After creating an account, the profile can be customized by adding a profile picture, bio, and banner. The creator can also choose a free or paid account.

Subscription Rate

The creator can fix the subscription rate for the OnlyFans account, or they can make it accessible free for fans to access. Even if the creator selects a free account, the content could still be monetized by offering pay-per-view messages, streams, and posts.

Create Content & Promote 

After creating the account and fixing the pricing policy, it’s time to create and promote the niche by uploading videos, photos, and written posts.

If having an account on other social media platforms, promote the OnlyFans profile there, too, as it will help grow the fan base. Only some creators hire an agency or even use paid advertising to reach wider audiences. 

Country Restrictions

Suppose the creator wants their contents posted to be kept secret from any given location. In that case, there is an option to block the country, which helps hide the contents from family, friends, or anyone who may recognize the creator personally.

Hide Followers Count

When starting on the OnlyFans page, the content creator starts with zero fans. Then it is a good idea to hide the followers count. But when the account becomes popular with more subscribers, the number of followers can be made public, as it will help subscribers see others who have subscribed, increasing their curiosity about the content offered.



To earn money from OnlyFans, content creators must be experts in operating the platform and stick to their genre to gain subscribers. Apart from a solid idea to create and promote the content, proper knowledge of the platform’s rules and regulations is essential.

Building a successful OnlyFans account will take time, dedication, and effort. Additionally, determination and inclination to learn and adjust help create a successful online presence, which helps turn the content post into a profit-making venture.