Inside the Mind of an OnlyFans Subscriber: Understanding What They Want

OnlyFans is a content creation platform much like YouTube and Instagram. Hence like in other social media platforms, marketing, the content created is a crucial component that determines the earning potential of a creator. 

Data shows that a successful Onlyfans creator can earn as much as two million dollars per month. However, only a few creators can achieve this milestone, and on average, a creator has just twenty-one subscribers. Thus, an average creator earns merely hundred and fifty dollars per month from Onlyfans. If you want to increase earnings from Onlyfans, an agency like Pegasusfame will tell you how to make 6 figures on OnlyFans.


Who Is An Onlyfans Subscriber, And WhatThey Look For?

When you wish to make tailor-made content and earn revenue from it, you must have some idea about the demographic profile of your core audience. 

According to data, most people who are subscribers to OnlyFans are men. Moreover, most of them belong to GenY or GenZ. People in Gen Y are presently in their thirties and have more disposable income than people in Gen Z. 

So it is likely that Gen Y people spend more on platforms like OnlyFans. However, none of this data is concrete enough despite that there are some tried and tested rules that improve viewership and subscription of OnlyFans.


Pay Attention To Your Photos And Videos

On a platform like OnlyFans, there are several ways by which a content creator can interact with potential subscribers. Photos, videos, direct messages, and bio, are some of the ways through which a person can use his creativity and appeal to potential subscribers.

However, just as in the case of Instagram, videos and photos have a much better reach and are the most widely viewed content type on OnlyFans. So you must focus more on creating mesmerizing photos and videos rather than improving your bio. Also, you must pay great attention to the quality of the photos and videos that you post on your handle. 

Blurry images, poor lighting conditions, and poor sound quality in videos are major turn-offs for all potential subscribers. Hence, if you are to make a lasting impact with photos and videos, invest in a good camera, a good mic, proper video-recording equipment, etc. before you make a video or click a photo.


Try To Promote The Content In A Holistic Manner

Always remember that the content that you create for any one social media account need not be restricted to that particular account only. More the channels of promotion, the better the reach a piece of content gets. So even if you are clicking a picture or recording a video for your OnlyFans page, you must link it to your other social media accounts. 

You should always cross-promote your content on your other social media accounts like Instagram so that your Instagram followers can become followers on OnlyFans as well. 

However, before you promote anything on another social media handle, you must carefully read the guidelines regarding the type of content that can be shared or promoted on them. Not all types of content (adult content) that you can share on Onlyfans can be promoted on Instagram.


Be Consistent In Posting Content

The golden rule for grabbing the attention of potential subscribers on any social media account is being consistent. If you post one picture a week or a month, people will forget about you even if they like your content. There is so much competition to grab eyeballs that you have to always be on the minds of the viewer for them to subscribe to your page.


Learn To Channelize Content Toward Your Target Audience

If you wish to gain more subscribers, you must understand who your target audience is. Your target audience is those who are viewing content similar to those that you are creating. So if your niche is yoga or fitness, then try to direct your content toward those who are subscribers on other yoga-based or fitness-based pages.


Offer Freebies

If you want to lure subscribers to your page, you have to offer some freebies every now and then. So do not keep everything you post behind a paywall; instead, once in a while, offer something free for everyone. Only when you allow people to see how good your content is, will they subscribe to your page.


Respond To Your Fans

There are several ways in which fans on social media engage with their favorite content creators. When it comes to OnlyFans, your DMs (direct messages) are one channel via which many fans will try to connect with you. Fans on OnlyFan may send messages 24X7, and it may not be possible for you to respond to all the messages then and there. However, always make it a point to respond to the fan DMs as that helps the fans to connect better with you.

However, if thinking about ideas for creating content and creating the content itself takes away too much of your time, you may hire someone to answer your DMs. So, if you are too busy, you can hire a marketing agency to handle your page, and they will constantly engage with your fans and respond to their direct messages.


Hire A Marketing Agency To Promote Your Page

Gaining more subscribers is a tedious task; however, if you want a shortcut, you can hire a marketing agency to manage your page. The marketing agency will help you to schedule your content, they will help you network better, and they will also engage with your fans on your behalf.



Gaining more subscribers or followers is the surest way to make more money on OnlyFans. Putting effort into creating better videos, engaging with fans, and promoting content across different platforms helps in getting more subscribers. However, if you cannot increase the number of subscribers despite trying everything that you can, you can always consult an OnlyFans marketing agency to strategize for you.