Making The Decision: Pros And Cons Of Going Solo Or Working With An Agency On Onlyfans

If you are a regular on Onlyfans, the social media platform that allows you to upload movies and photographs on their site, you probably know the value of a manager. An only fans manager makes your life simple and manageable. The manager will manage your page, talk to your fans and assist you in task management.

Things To Consider Before Hiring An Onlyfans Manager

There is no doubt that a manager makes your life easy, but many people are not confident about hiring them. After All, there are several disadvantages associated with hiring a manager to manage your OnlyFans page. In this blog post, you will get an idea of the pros and cons of why you should or should not hire an OnlyFans manager.

The Pros Of Going With An Agency To Manage Your Account

Getting The Support Of An Expert

It is easy to see why going to a professional agency to manage your social media account can help. The managers are experts at handling the content. They know which content to place at what time to get the maximum response. Managers conduct many tests and trials to determine which pictures will work and when they should be posted.

One common test used by them is the AB test. In simple words, the AB test compares the performance of posting a picture at different times or posting two different forms of content, etc., to see the response. The approach which gives a better response is eventually chosen and replicated on a large scale.

Moreover, managers use various web analytics tools to gauge the response to your pictures or videos. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that an agency brings much-needed professionalism and clarity to your social media management strategy.

An agency gives you the opportunity to build stronger bonds with your fans and gather a greater fan following. Thus, getting the services of an expert is an investment that gives great returns and keeps you up to date with the most valuable tools and techniques in the market.

More Effective Allocation Of Time

If you have a rising social media profile, it can be difficult to create content as well as manage the social media profile. So if you have a manager, your life becomes more sorted. You can devote all your time and resources to creating content. And the agency will take care of posting it and handling all the client’s or fans’ responses.

Moreover, when you hire an agency, it also takes care of your leisure. For instance, when you go on a long holiday and do not have an active internet connection, you need not worry about handling fan messages. The agency will do everything on your behalf, and you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about a lack of connectivity (poor internet services).

If you have too many responsibilities, you may be late in replying to DMs from your fans, which can be fatal in the competitive world of social media. So, hiring an agency ensures that every aspect of your profile is handled effectively and given attention.

Getting The Latest Updates About The Current Trends

Social media management agencies are well aware of the latest trends that can garner a greater fan following for your content ( photos, videos, etc.). Hence, if you find it difficult to keep yourself updated about the latest trends, you can always hire an agency to do it on your behalf. This will give you more time to create content as you will not be bothered about marketing the content.

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However, not everything is great about hiring an agency to manage your profile. There are some distinct disadvantages, and some of them are discussed here.

The Cons Of Hiring An Agency To Handle Your Onlyfans Account

The High Costs Involved

A manager will deduct a part of your social media earnings as his remuneration. Higher the profit, the greater the amount of money that will be deducted as monthly service charges. According to some studies, an agency can charge from $1000 to $20000 per month. Moreover, if you have a team working on different aspects of your profile, the charges will be much higher than hiring a single freelancer.

Also, nasty battles regarding the share of profits are not unheard of. At times when the circumstances change, money battles become ugly and bitter. So it is best to have a detailed contract before you start working with an agency.

The contract can mention the due date for payments, the steps to be taken in case of changed circumstances, etc. This will save you from a lot of trouble and will ensure that any major animosity is averted.

Your Reputation Is In Someone Else’s Hand

When you hire an agency to handle your social media pages for you, you trust them not to tarnish your reputation. Gaining followers and fans on social media is a tough challenge, but losing credibility in the online world is equally easy. So when you hire an agency, there is always a slight possibility that you are putting your reputation at stake.

There May Be A Clash Of Ideas

At times you may find yourself in a situation where the agency and your ideas are in contrast with each other.

Your creative ideas may stand in the way of what the agency considers profitable. In such cases deciding the future course of action can be challenging and ideological stalemates can go on for a very long time.


Hiring an agency to manage your OnlyFans profile has several distinct advantages, like getting expert advice, better allocation of time, etc. However, there are certain cons, like the high costs involved and the possibilities of an ideological clash. So before you finalize a deal with any agency, ensure you understand all the nuances of hiring an agency. It is also better to sign a contract with all the terms and conditions well laid out so as to avoid any trouble.