Top Camera Lenses OnlyFans Creators Are Swearing By

Irix Cine Lense

OnlyFans has taken over the internet like a whirlwind and has become very famous and impactful in recent years. OnlyFans, along with many other similar platforms provides users to display their art without the fear of their art being taken down by the various policies. Whilst creating a subscription-based platform for your art, it is important to make sure everything is in its proper place, along with it being perfect, so that the users can get the best value for their time and money. 

Any business needs a plan, and a strategy to make it scale and increase your profits. So do OnlyFans. There are many things that one needs to know before they even begin to share their content. Luckily, there are many online firms and websites, which are willing to take care of all of these for you. One such website is From scaling to marketing, and content direction, they have it all covered. 

To reach maximum clients and have a significant following and subscription to you and your platform, one needs to understand the art of creating content. And in this, mastering the type of camera and lens, along with proper positioning and lighting is key. To help you know better, and to maximise the business, the following article deals with the best and top camera lenses that OF creators could swear on. To make the list simpler, the prices of the same have been omitted, as they could vary from region to region, and on the various platforms as well. Hoping this helps:


1. Irix Cine Lenses

Starting the list with a comparatively pocket-friendly choice, the Irix Cine Lenses. These are great for all creators, whether it is a new joiner or a professional. Apart from being compact, lightweight, and low focused on breathing, it is still packed with nine blades and eleven optical elements in 9 groups. Some content creators on OnlyFans would also go on to say that this is the best lens in terms of picture quality, video sharpness and value for money.


  • Optical Groups – One ED Lens, Four HR Lenses, One ASP 
  • Video Quality – Up to 8K
  • Weather Sealed, making it ideal for outdoor shoots as well.


2. Sony FE 20 mm Lens

If you want an ultra-wide field of view in your OnlyFans content, then this is the lens that you are looking for. Sony FE 20 mm lens has a sleek body, optical power and the capability to significantly reduce the distortion of pictures and videos. 

To shoot wide-angled videos, this light but powerful lens is the choice of many. 


  • Resolution – 2 highly aspherical AA lenses
  • Nano AR coating prevents flares, reflections, making it super easy to operate.

Sony FE 20 mm Lens

3. Canon EF 50 mm

Another great lens that would allow you to have magnificent results, and would do justice to your content on the platform, this one is from Canon, a name that is unanimous to trust and precision when it comes to photos and videos. This stunning and compact beast is packed with features that are quite beautiful, but there is a catch to it as well. It falls on the expensive side of the spectrum, which might make it a hard-to-get deal for some. But to look on the bright side, this lens would get you unparalleled shots.


  • The 50mm aperture would give your videos a real cinematic experience.
  • The Bokeh mode is simply something that most of the OF creators are a fan of.
  • Weather shield makes it a deal that would last for decades.


  • The price could be a little overwhelming, as you might be able to get a lens from a different brand, along with other necessary equipment, such as a ring light with the same amount.


4. Canon FD 50 mm

Another one on the list from the house of Canon, this FD series with 50 mm films is just perfect if you want your shots to be smooth like butter. More particularly used in the photography field rather than for shooting videos, but still, your content would be clear and vibrant enough to get you more fans and followers, thanks to this little device.


  • Relatively cheaper than the counter competitors in the market.
  • Superior quality shots.


  • Manual focus could get tricky for many if they are not careful. However, with practice, one could get the hang of it, and have some of the most gorgeous shots for their content. 
  • Some might feel it is old and vintage whilst using.

Canon FD 50 mm


Some Additional Information:

Getting a budget camera that would go along these lenses is also important, as these lenses cannot work on their own. One such camera, which is affordable and gives great results is the Panasonic Lumix FZ80. it is easily available online, and is one of the top choices for all content creators on OnlyFans and other subscription based platforms, due to its features.

Investing in a tripod and proper lighting would be an ideal choice for everyone who is active on the platform, as it would make your content look more professional. 

If you are new to the platform, and do not have enough funds to get a new DSLR, then it is okay, and very normal to stick to your smartphone camera for a while. It is what everyone has done, even the now top creators. Be mindful before making investments.

However, if you are in demand, and have popularity to bring you into the big league, then it is time to upgrade to a professional setting. This would give great results, and bring in more target audience to your subscription. 

But at the end of the day, it is your decision.



Being able to showcase your art and talent is not something that comes easily. You would have to make some investments in the beginning to ensure a smooth and hassle free journey. The abovementioned lenses are some of the best in the market and in the OF content industry. Make your decisions wisely. 


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