Understanding Onlyfans: How Does It Work And How To Get Started

Online technology and streaming services have increasingly become popular over the years, especially since the covid pandemic. One among these platforms that gained wider popularity over the years is Onlyfans. A platform and application that was established back in 2016. This platform successfully monetized and provided creators with a way to earn money by providing their fans exclusive photos, videos and even live streams with a monthly subscription fee.

A wide range of content is now available in Onlyfans, made by different physical trainers, models, public figures, celebrities and YouTubers. It is also now becoming increasingly popular among adult content creators. The streaming platform right now has well-established policies regarding their user base, functioning, and only fans sign up. If you are over 18, you can sign up for an account and start browsing for your favorite creator or start creating for your livelihood.

Signup Requirements For OnlyFans

To start an account as a creator or a fan, you must fulfill some basic criteria-

Age: Every user, whether it is a creator or a fan, must be above 18 years of age. You must provide a valid government ID at the time of signup to prove your credentials.

Banking/Payment Information: To get paid and deduct monthly subscription fees, all creators and fans must add their banking/payment information. For a hassle-free experience, payment information is mandatory on signup and should be valid throughout your onlyfans usage period. For content creators, all payments are wired to a bank account/payment card monthly without any hassle; for the fans, monthly subscription fees are deducted from the card details provided on signup.

Personal Information: Personal information such as name, date of birth and address must be provided on signup, and these details should match those provided in the government ID.

Content: As a creator, you should be able to contribute something of value that can attract viewers. Thus a positive mindset would be great before signing up as a creator on onlyfans. For a fan seeking content from his favorite creator, you should be aware that most content is only meant for fans and is mostly adult oriented. Thus you should be able to enjoy and serve content that meets the platform’s guidelines and terms of service.

How To Create A Profile? – Getting Started With An Account

It is relatively easy to set up and use.

1. You can either download the only fans application or visit their webpage.

2. Signup using basic information such as name, email and password. You may also signup by using third-party accounts such as Google, Twitter or Windows Hello login.

3. Once basic signup is complete, you have to provide card details for payment and bank details for payout. You can also set the subscription fees on your account for the fans, or you may set it for free. You may still monetize content later by offering pay-per-view messages, live streams and posts.

4. Finally, you are all set to create content. Now it is important to promote it using written posts with photos or even by using other platforms.

It should always be noted that content published on OnlyFans should be exclusive and original. Otherwise, your efforts as a creator might be of no use. The whole existence of OnlyFans relies on the fact that it can prevent piracy and provide you with an exclusive experience that brings you closer to your favorite creators and celebrities.

How Much Can You Earn Using OnlyFans?

The potential earning through OnlyFans depends on your fans and the content you offer. The versatility of content and its uniqueness are all paramount in determining the revenue it can create. In onlyfans, there is a minimum subscription fee of $4.99, with the maximum subscription price being $49.99. These are monthly fees, and the platform sets the minimum-maximum limit. A creator can utilize the limit and fix the subscription fees according to their wish, fans, and content.

Despite the limit, creators can earn more by setting up tips and private messaging options starting at a minimum of $5; these serve as an additional income source to the monthly subscription fees. Paid tips and private messaging not only help you as a content creator but, in turn, help in building a loyal fan following; this can help you succeed in the long run. It should also be noted that OnlyFans takes 20% of your revenue for providing the service and covering their costs; this applies to all kinds of content across their platform and is not limited to adult content.

Many content creators make their living entirely through only fans. It depends upon how much you can engage with the fans and how much fan following you have. Many agencies in the market provide strategic-only fan services to increase fan following and earn a better income. Among the leading agencies, top of the line innovative services are provided by ,Team Pegasus. They offer comprehensive packages customized for each creator depending on the nature of content creation; they also provide marketing services and content direction services to improve your revenue.

Reasons For the Popularity Of OnlyFans

onlyfans sign up campaign

There was a sudden surge in the user base of Onlyfans during the pandemic. This was mainly because the world went into lockdown, and many adult movie stars started Onlyfans accounts to engage with their fans. This has attracted a large number of current users. Statistics from the OnlyFans platform suggest that their user base nearly doubled during March 2020 covid lockdown.

During that time, adjusting to the lockdown was difficult, and everyone found new life on virtual platforms; many content creators made good use of this opportunity by signing up on platforms like OnlyFans and engaging with their fanbase to build and maintain their loyal fan followers. This platform provided creators with a set of principles and opportunities other similar platforms failed to.


Learning to create good quality content and publishing it by signing up on platforms like Onlyfans is a great way to earn a living. But it is important to learn and understand the guidelines set by these platforms. These policy changes can greatly impact your revenue; for instance, Onlyfans were planning to change their policy and guidelines regarding the types of content allowed on their platform; back in 2021, they were all set to ban explicit adult content from their platforms

Unfortunately, due to the serious backlash from users and content creators, they backed out of their decision. In conclusion, if you plan to be a content creator, it is important to stay updated with guidelines and plan your content accordingly to maintain and engage with your fans.


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